After Your Teeth Whitening Procedure…


So, you just went through a teeth whitening procedure, and are in love with your new smile! To keep it bright and white here are a few suggestions for foods and drinks to avoid:

•          Wine-  stay away from white and red wine a teeth whitening procedure. Wines contain staining agents that put your white smile at risk of discoloration.

•          Tea- According to professionals, teas can stain more than black coffee. For this reason avoid teas after receiving a teeth whitening procedure.

•          Sodas and Sports Drinks- Sodas and sports drinks are high in sugars and acidity, which causes the tooth enamel to discolor. Frequent consumption of these drinks can also wear away the tooth enamel, causing teeth to become weak.

•          Candies- Candies and any type of chewing gum can get stuck between teeth, causing the buildup of bacteria and plaque. Plaque and bacteria can not only lead to yellow, discolored teeth, but dental problems such as gum disease.

Here at Advanced Dental Center we want to see you with a long lasting, beautifully white smile, and following these tips will get you there! Avoid putting your smile at risk of discoloration, contact Advanced Dental Center for more information about teeth whitening. Call 972-781-0209 or visit our website at

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