Life Changing Dental Implants after Cancer

dental implants


At age 53, comedian and Benidorm star Crissy Rock has already undergone years of painful and expensive dental work. After cancer treatment had left her toothless, she spent a lot of her time trying to fix what the disease and her endless amounts of failed tooth restorations had done to her. After all of this misfortune, the star looked to dental implants.

Dental implants had put an end to her toothless misery and allowed her to live a life with her partner and daughters free from worry. While most may believe that she paid big time to give into a celebrity trend, or for vanity, she had them done to fix what chemotherapy had done to her back in 2003. After her procedures, the cancer treatment worked! However, it left her teeth incredibly brittle and loose. After a while, her teeth began to deteriorate and then doctors were forced to take them all out. She then realized that her jawbone was also deteriorating, and so her bone and gum were also being worked on.

All of these dental issues caused Rock an extended time of anxiety and worrying that her dentures would cause issues with just about everything since there was no support keeping her dentures in. That’s when she turned to dental implants.

Now you’ll be seeing Crissy Rock roaming around with a large smile on her face! Her dental implants have provided the confidence that she had been lacking for years!

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