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A Higher Level Of Care With Our Advanced Technology

At Advanced Dental Center, we employ the latest dental technology to provide you with a more comfortable experience that can reduce recovery times and, more precisely, identify active threats. By providing detailed information regarding your oral structures, our imaging systems give a clearer picture of the state of your smile. 

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Digital X-rays allow us to capture images of your tooth’s structure in far less time than their traditional counterpart while emitting far less radiation. By digitizing your X-rays, we can gather a clear picture right away rather than wait for the film to develop. This allows us to project your pictures to a computer monitor in your treatment room, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your care. 

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral cameras enhance our ability to review areas of your mouth that are difficult to observe during the standard portion of your visual exam. Using a hand-held wand, we explore your oral structures thoroughly to identify any possible problems in your teeth and gums. By providing earlier detection, we can treat small cracks, cavities, or other problems before they require more involved restorative treatments. 

Digital Photography

Digital cosmetic imaging helps us project how a prospective treatment will enhance the overall beauty of your face. A digital representation of your new smile can help you make the decision about moving forward with your procedure.

Caesy™ Education System

The Caesy™ Education System uses video, 3-D animation, and models to inform you how upcoming procedures will improve your oral health. This helps you make the best decision for your teeth and gums by gaining a clear understanding of treatment recommendations.


The DIAGNOdent is an exciting new dental technology that allows us to find cavities earlier in their development. Using a small, portable laser, DIAGNOdent provides information about a smaller cavity’s location and size. This helps us preserve even more of your healthy tooth’s structure instead of waiting until decay spreads further. 


The iTero digital scanner helps us create detailed impressions of your teeth and gums without the need for physical impression materials. This helps us design clear aligners, prosthetics, and other restorations using a small wand that takes 3D images of your mouth. Because iTero develops impressions instantly, we can monitor the progress of your treatments in real-time, taking as many measurements as needed.

3D Cone Beam (CBCT)

Cone Beam (CBCT) technology creates 3D panoramic images of your teeth and oral structures to help us better plan your care. By revealing a greater degree of detail, CBCT allows us to detect and diagnose dental problems with precision, leading to more effective treatment. This technology can also create digital impressions, allowing us to create dental prosthetics without the need for a physical imprint. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation allows you to enjoy a deeper state of relaxation during your treatment while remaining conscious. If you experience feelings of anxiety or nervousness, we can administer nitrous oxide gas through a nasal hood before your procedure begins. Compared to other sedation methods, nitrous oxide wears off quickly, allowing you to drive home following your appointment.